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From the moment you walk into The Henry, look around. You will notice something different about the artwork displayed. The Lobby, the track-lit main hallway, and even the halls on the guest room floors and on the walls showcase stunning  and vibrant art. You'll see works from some of the greatest artists that ever lived - Picasso, Chagall, Rembrandt and Renoir - to the best modern artists of our time, like Peter Max, Alfred Gockel, and Yaacov Agam. You'll see life-size bronze works by the world-famous Colombian artist, Nano Lopez, and hand-blown glass by the up and coming Detroit artist, April Wagner. This indeed isn't your ordinary "hotel art".
This is thanks to a unique collaboration. For the first time in history, the world's largest art dealer, Park West Gallery, has partnered with a hotel, Dearborn's own "Henry", to bring some of the world's finest art directly to our hotel walls and guestrooms. Together we are redefining the meaning of "Hotel Art".
Our story began in 2010 when the entire concept of The Henry was just coming to fruition. The core of the hotel was already amazing: a fantastic destination, years of experience and talent, and a tradition of excellent service. But The Henry demanded more and aimed high . . . and got the best. Park West Gallery has been an icon in Michigan for generations; an art gallery with over 4 decades of experience and a history filled with countless awards and honors,  including a cameo in the film "The Giant Mechanical Man" (2012); WDIV TV Channel 4's "Best Art Gallery in Detroit" (2011, 2010, 2008); the Travel Channel's "Best Art Gallery in Michigan" (2011); CBS Detroit's "Most Valuable Blogger" award (2011); and even the declaration of a "Park West Gallery Day" by Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence (June 15, 2009).

At The Henry, Park West continues the tradition of making art-buying more of a collecting experience and incorporates new ways to bring the arts alive. The hotel's art gallery, open 5 days a week, is located between the ballrooms on the ground floor. It is staffed by professionals waiting to help create a personal experience you won't soon forget. Join them on Saturdays for an Art Tour of the ground level, or ask the staff to share their knowledge during a personal, customized viewing of the artworks on any of the 11 floors. Call for information about our upcoming Art Seminars and Trivia Nights, and stop into TRIA, the hotel's chic restaurant and bar, to ask for your complimentary Park West coaster.

If you don't feel like leaving your room, enjoy bold artworks hanging on the walls - works created specifically for The Henry by world-renown Detroit-area artists. Or tune into Channel 6 on your TV for exciting videos featuring popular artists and insights into their artwork. Check out the in-room brochures on Park West Gallery to learn about their history and amazing artists, and take home your bookmark in your Book of Attractions.

Park West Gallery makes art collecting an exciting and fun experience

Over the last 43 years, Park West Gallery has made art collecting exciting for more than 1.3 million clients in over 60 countries.  Park West has developed an art enterprise representing more than 100 artists and features artworks spanning over seven centuries. They are an art gallery like no other, and they're proud to partner with The Henry. The result is an award-winning Boutique Arts hotel - the 2011 Marriott Autograph Hotel of the year - that houses one of the finest art collections in the world. With 11 floors of artwork featuring over 400 original and limited edition works of art from nearly 70 artists and prices as low as a few hundred dollars, it's easy to see why guests not only love staying here, but love taking the experience home with them. At The Henry, the art of hospitality has new meaning.
Before you depart for home, stop in the gallery or your free artwork. Just for visiting the gallery, you're entitled to  select small, unframed seriolithographs to take home, absolutely free! If you are interested in collecting a work of art from your bedroom (or anything else you see), ask about our Park West Collector's Card. Not only does it make collecting easier on your budget, but you'll also qualify for a free large seriolithograph just for applying!

But Park West's influence doesn't stop with local boundaries. Currently hosting auctions on over 50 world-class cruise ships, Park West was awarded the "Best Art Auction Program" Reader's Choice award from Porthole Cruise Magazine (2008). They've had articles published about them in more than 20 newspapers and magazines across the U.S., featured on several radio stations (including WWJ Newsradio 950's "Made in Michigan"), and was the feature story on at least 4 local and nationally syndicated TV channels (including CNBC).
While you're talking to our staff, ask how we can support your favorite charity . We have generous donation packages for any fund-raising events hosted at The Henry!
No matter how you enjoy the arts at The Henry, Park West wants to be a part of it! The more you learn, the more you love. Come see how we can make your time here an experience you'll want to collect again and again!

Facts about the Art Collection at The Henry

  • Park West has been active in the hotel since the opening as The Henry in 2010
  • The gallery is located between the ballrooms on the ground floor & open 5 days a week. Hours are based on activities within the hotel so as to best accommodate guests.
  • There are over 400 original and limited edition works of art displayed throughout the 11 floors of the hotel, in addition to the limited editions created specifically for the bedrooms; over 250 works of art can be found on the ground floor alone. Art Guides are available at all times at the front desk and outside our gallery.
  • Floors 2 through 11 feature artist "mini-collections" showcasing 10-20 works of art per artist.
  • Artworks in the bedrooms are exclusive limited editions interpreted from unique works of art. The 3 artists represented, Dominic Pangborn, Tim Yanke, and Marcus Glenn, are all hand-signed and only available at The Henry.
  • The work of art behind the front desk is a custom-designed painting created by Tim Yanke. It is the largest work he has ever created and is the "signature" artwork at The Henry.
  • The art displayed at The Henry is a small fraction of Park West's collection. Guests can view more by visiting the Park West website ( or speaking with our on-site staff.
  • Aside the signature artwork behind the front desk, all artwork is available for sale. Everything is exclusively priced for guests of The Henry (even those not staying overnight). Clients can get a work on their wall for as little as a few hundred dollars or spend as much as they want. All prices shown include the client's choice of custom framing as well as shipping, Certificate of Authenticity, and an appraisal. Financing is available.

Ways Guests can Immerse Themselves in the Arts at The Henry

  • Visit our on-site art gallery, open 5 days a week, and take home a free work of art
  • Take an art tour of the ground floor (Saturdays) or schedule a private personal viewing of any floor.
  • Take a self-guided tour of the ground floor: Art Guides are available at the front desk or outside the gallery
  • Read about Park West: Brochures are available at the front desk, outside our gallery, and in the bedrooms
  • Watch videos about popular artists on Channel 6.
  • Take home Park West memorabilia - bookmark from the bedroom Book of Attractions, coaster from tria, brochures, Art Guides, or any of our 400+ works of art available for sale!
  • Host a charity event at The Henry. We have generous donation packages, including free art and cash donations, for any charity event taking place on premises
  • Participate in Seminars and Trivia nights (times and dates TBA)

Brief Park West History


Park West Gallery's mission is to create an educational, entertaining, and welcoming environment that ignites a passion for the arts and creates a collecting experience like no other company in the world. Park West Gallery supports a myriad of artistic talent, engages the widest array of audiences, and advocates genuine artistry while maintaining only the highest of professional standards.


  • Park West is a privately held company owned by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Scaglione.
  • Park West has been in business for over 43 years and has helped over 1.3 million clients in over 60 countries, making us one of the largest privately owned art dealers in the world.
  • Unlike traditional galleries, Park West provides a complete experience-based program that includes auctions, seminars, artist-sailings, and social events.
  • Park West represents over 100 artists from around the world. In most cases, we acquire our artwork directly from our artists or their estate, giving our clients the best provenance available. We sell only the finest unique works and original graphic works. We do not sell posters or "copies" of famous works created by unknown artists.
  • Park West hosts live, public art auctions on board more than 50 cruise ships all over the world. Guests can currently attend auctions on Carnival, Norwegian, Holland America and Regent Cruise Lines.
  • We also host live auctions for our collectors at The Henry and other fine hotels and resorts around the nation.
  • Our 63,000 sq ft headquarters is in Southfield, MI, approximately 15 miles north of The Henry; roughly 35,000 sq ft of that space is exhibition space with rotating collections of hundreds of works of art.
  • Besides our main gallery in Southfield, The Henry is our only other current brick and mortar exhibition space. We also have a 160,000 sq ft facility in Miami, FL, which houses our massive in-house framing operation and acts as a logistical center for all our cruise & land auction operations.

Partial List of PW Awards & Accolades

  • Cameo in the film "The Giant Mechanical Man" (2012)
  • Selected as Michigan judge for the American Art Awards (2009-12)
  • Detroit's "Best Art Gallery" in WDIV Channel 4 contest (2008, 2010-11)
  • "Most Valuable Blogger" in CBS Detroit contest (2011)
  • "The Official Best Art Gallery in Michigan" by Official Best Of travel program (2011)
  • "Best of Southfield" in Retail Establishment Property Operation by U.S. Commerce Association (2008-2011)
  • L. Brooks Patterson's "18th Annual Quality People, Quality County (Q2)" award to Albert Scaglione (2010)
  • Declaration of "Park West Gallery Day" by Mayor Brenda Lawrence of Southfield, MI (June 15, 2009)
  • "Best Art Auction Program" Reader's Choice award in Porthole Cruise Magazine contest (2008)
  • Central Michigan University's Honorary Doctorate of Commercial Science awarded to Albert Scaglione (2008)


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